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Since 1965, Yellow Cab Quincy has provided taxi services for the Quincy MA community. Since then with the addition of Braintree Cab, Milton Cab, Marina Bay Taxi, Shore Taxi and Neponset Circle Cab to comprise Shore Transit Inc. We have grown to 105 vehicles, operate 24/7 and most of our local community requests are for getting from/to Logan Airport, Boston or TF Green Airport, Providence.

Shore Transit values our customers’ Trust. Our company goal is for all our customers to continue to Trust Us, By Having a Safe and Secure Cab Ride by Shore Transit, for many more years.

“We are in an industry that’s changing.  Competitors are not on a equal playing field with us. Operators are now every day people utilizing their vehicle while taxi companies are commercial businesses that are regulated by the state. This has opened the door for passengers having a unsafe and unsecure rides.

We are very proud to say, in our entire company history, we  have had NO violence, sexual assault, kidnapping or robbery have occured while transporting our passengers.  We are very fortunate to have a solid set of professional and loyal taxi cab drivers that have been with Shore Transit for over 20 years. They have full respect and trust from our customers and getting them to their destination safely.  More importantly, in lieu of the present change in our industry, we focus on making sure our passengers are safe and secure by going beyond the state regulations for our customers. It’s not that we have to do that —but we want to.”  Abby Naanaa, Owner

Some facts about us . . .

  • We operate a 24/7 Hour taxi cab service with 105 vehicles (and growing!), providing rides FROM/TO  the South Shore of Massachusetts
  • All drivers need to qualify to be a taxi driver. Their driving and criminal record are checked by the police department (fingerprints are on file too) and then, they are issued a hackney license to operate a taxi cab
  • All new drivers are trained face to face and are part of a buddy system and are checked daily. They can immediately ask questions and talk to us.
  • We focus on what is important to our customers: cleanliness, safety, security and competitive pricing
  • All of our taxi cabs are red, blue or yellow. Yet, we are now transitioning to all yellow cabs due to our yellow cab history including new vehicles and management
  • Most of our taxi drivers have over 20 years of experience in the Taxi industry
  • We are ready and able to handle all of your immediate or scheduled taxi transportation needs
  • Our fleet Taxi Cabs are equipped with two way radios, digital dispatch system and credit card machines.
  • Our cabs are routinely cleaned and serviced by our in house certified auto technicians.


Shore Transit has been transporting passengers to many destinations including:

  • Senior citizens to doctor appointments or on errands on a regular basis
  •  Pre-K – High School students to/from school or to after school care
  • Business executives to company meetings
  • Networking events/conferences/tradeshows
  • Groups who want a night out together
  • Family/friends from/to area cultural events
  • Logan or TF Green airline passengers

Shore Transit is proud to serve the area community and will continue to value your trust.



For your safety and awareness, please review www.WhosDrivingYou.org website to better understand how your safety can be in jeopardy.