Become a Driver

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Yes. We are looking for qualified drivers to become part of our team! Apply today!

Earn Good Money Being a Taxi Cab Driver!
Shore Transit cab drivers enjoy the experience of helping people get to their destinations. They meet a lot of different kinds of people and are informative of the area for passengers to ask and feel comfortable getting to their destination. Shore Transit drivers have a professional manner and appearance, keep their cabs clean, have no criminal record and are finger printed and monitored by the local police.

The money they earn as Shore Transit drivers is based upon a part time or weekly commitment—it all depends if they are supplementing their income or they require a full time commitment.  Our drivers cash out their receipts, credit card transactions and cash and are paid either daily or weekly.

Here are some of the things required for you to become a driver with Shore Transit:

  • Submit an Application to us – Download and submit to (download link).Call in 2 days at 617.471.8294 and ask for Joe as to the status of the application.
  • Our Lease Agreement – Once we approve your application we will review our cab lease with you. All the requirements for you to utilize our vehicles will be reviewed and fees. Your signature will be required.
  • Current Drivers License is required
  • Current Hackney License is required. If you don’t have the license thru MA, please review this information : Hackney-License-Application.pdf  it is the link for you to submit an application in Quincy MA.

If you haven’t been a cab driver before you’ll find it’s easy to become one! Ask Us!